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Practical Solutions and

Practical Solutions and value-for-money service

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Practical Solutions and

Practical Solutions and value-for-money service

Commercial Lending

Does your business need help and advice on commercial lending? 
Commercial lending is when a business (not an individual – see our Services for Individuals page for help and advice in this area), requires additional funds to pay for expenses relating to that business, such as real estate or equipment, to ensure that the business can continue to operate or expand. 
There are many options available out there for a business to take advantage of, but many of these options can have difficult and confusing terms and conditions and choosing the right option for your business can seem like an impossible task. 

Here at Progression Solicitors our well experienced team of professionals are able to aid a business to look in depth at the many options available, ensure they are relevant to their needs, and explain all information in a simple and easy to understand manner. We believe in practical solutions and value for money service, and we apply this to every aspect of your and our business.  

We are able to offer advice and guidance in the following areas: 

  • Bank lending – borrowing money from a bank that is repaid by your business, usually by monthly repayments, with added interest, over an agreed period of time.
  • Mortgages – similar to personal mortgages, a mortgage for your business is to purchase or refinance a commercial property or premises, whilst calculating affordability based on the business’ cash flow, outstanding debts and assets.
  • Debentures – creating documentation allowing business lenders to secure loaned funds against a borrower’s assets. 
  • Guarantees – creating formal agreements and assurances that specific actions will be carried out relating to repayments, performance or services.
  • Private mortgages – the purchase of real estate via a private loan of funds from a lendersuch as an investment firm.

Contact a member of our team today at one of our five office locations: UlverstonWindermereGrange-over-SandsBarrow-in-Furness and Lancaster


Start-Ups and Joint Ventures

Are you in the planning stages of creating a new and exciting start-up business? Are you potentially joining forces with one or more individuals or businesses to create your new company? 
Starting a new business can be great fun and it can create a real sense of achievement when you see a dream become reality. 
It’s important to remember that in order for start-up businesses and joint ventures to be successful, being aware and thorough legally from the beginning can empower your business decision making and prevent disputes and upsets further down the line.  

At Progression Solicitors our team specialise in ensuring your start-up business is legally sound and can offer independent advice on a range of topics in this area, including the type of business you wish to operate as. We can offer our advice on the subjects of: 

  • Partnerships – a formal arrangement where two or more individuals or businesses join forces to operate and manage a business, taking equal liability and profit responsibility. 
  • Limited companies – when a business is legally separate from the owners of the company (known as shareholders), and is responsible for its own contracts, actions, debts, liabilities and profits. 
  • LLPs – Limited Liability Partnership – a formal arrangement of two or more individuals to manage and run a business, having limited responsibilities including paying their own tax on profits, but are not liable for any debts incurred by the business. 

To learn more about how we can help your business start-up venture, get in touch with one of our specialists today by calling 01229 580956 to arrange a no-obligation appointment.

Contracts and Terms of Business

The legal side of any business can be confusing and easy to ignore when we feel unempowered. Knowing which decisions to make and what agreements are binding is very important to ensure that you as a business are compliant and protected legally. Simple mistakes or loops in contracts can be the end of a business, so we feel it is important to guide our clients through these aspects, giving you as a business owner confidence to grow and maintain your company.    

We have a brilliant team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are able to offer advice and guidance on: 

  • Commercial contracts – a legally binding agreement between two or more businesses (sometimes known as business to business), to set formal arrangements for services such as sales, distribution and supply.
  • Terms of business – also known as ‘Terms & Conditions’ ‘T&Cs’ and Business Terms, thiis the contract you agree to keep with your customers for the supply of goods and/or services. 
  • Consumer contracts –
  • Agency agreements – a legal agreement of the terms of your business allowing an agency to act on behalf of, or sell your business’ goods and/or services to third parties. 
  • Franchise agreements – agreements between a franchisee (who runs the business) and franchisor who dictates how the franchised products and services are displayed, advertised, sold and produced. 

For advice on contracts and terms of business call 01229 580956 to arrange a no-obligation appointment.

Property Development

The exciting world of property development can range from a one-time venture to the creation of a multi-development property business. Developers generally build from scratch on a brand new site or purchase properties in need of renovation, which are developed into new or improved properties, for sale or rental. Either way, the legal boundaries of property development can be complex, and mistakes made early on can see an entire project come to a stand still or have to be abandoned for legal reasons.
Here at Progression Solicitors we have a team of specialist professionals ready to help guide and assist you through your development process, ensuring all boxes are ticked and you are able to maintain time scales and budgets without having the legal worry. 

We are able to offer advice and guidance on: 

  • Construction law – the law referring to the infrastructure, housing, planning permissions and construction of property development. 
  • Development site acquisition – the legal processes required to acquire a property or land for development on a purchase, lease or exchange agreement.
  • s106 agreements – Section 106 agreements are the legal obligations laid out between a local authority and a developer – these include planning permissions and can relate to projects such as affordable housing.
  • Joint ventures – the legal agreement of a partnership between a developer, builders, financers and other contractors to design, build and finance a property development project. 
  • Options – legal agreement between a property owner and the developer, where a profit share of the final development is agreed on top of the original purchase price.
  • Conditional contracts – a legally binding contract that sets out certain conditions that must be met in order for a project to be completed, such as money to be released, work to take place, and sales to proceed.  
  • Development site sales – the legal requirements for the sale and purchase of development sites. 
  • Plot sales – the legal requirements for the sale and purchase of development plots.


For a no obligation appointment to speak to one of our property development specialists, contact one of our offices in: UlverstonWindermereGrange-over-SandsBarrow-in-Furness and Lancaster

Employment for Business

We are pleased to offer our business clients a full range of employment advice to ensure they are always up to date and compliant when it comes to employment law.
We also offer full advice to employees – take a look at our Services for Individuals page for more help and information.  

Employment law can be a bit of a mine field and when you’re running your own business, it can seem like a big challenge to be on top of all the legislation. We understand that there are many things to consider when taking on staff to help carry your business forward, and it’s important that you and your team are fully up to date with employment rights and legislation. That’s why we have an experienced team on hand to ensure you have the legal knowledge to create a happy working environment to drive your business onwards and upwards.   

Our professional and experienced team can ensure that you and your business stay on the right side of the law when it comes to employment, by offering guidance and advice on:

  • Redundancy
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Contracts of employment
  • Handbooks for employees
  • Discrimination claims
  • Employment tribunal claims
  • Transfer of employees (TUPE)

We also offer Damages Based Agreements (DBAs) to help you manage legal fees. 

If you need any advice on employment law, whether you’re setting up your own business and require guidance, or an employment issue has been raised, call us on 01229 580956 to arrange a no-obligation appointment. 

Business Sales, Purchases and Amalgamations

Here at Progression Solicitors we have developed a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals to help advise and guide you through the process of buying, selling or amalgamating a business. The issues that can arise from missing information, giving the incorrect information or being unaware of certain steps in the process of business selling and buying a business, can lead to long delays in a purchase and in some cases the loss of a sale due to a breakdown in communication or trust. 

Our legal representatives will help you avoid these complications by offering step-by-step instructions and explanations. Therefore ensuring you are fully informed at all times of what is required and happening throughout a sale, purchase or amalgamation of a business. We can offer advice and guidance to help you complete the process without missing any vital information, ensuring a smooth and as stress free as possible sale or purchase. Our expert team are able to offer guidance and advice on: 

  • Selling a business
  • Buying a business
  • Preparing for a sale
  • Management buyouts
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions

If you are currently considering purchasing a business, or if you own a business and feel the time has come to sell or merge with another company, please give us a call to arrange an appointment for expert advice on business sales and purchases on 01229 580956. Our appointments are no-obligation and we pride ourselves in providing practical solutions with value for money service. 

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Disputes can be stressful and time-consuming and in situations that lead to litigation, the damage caused can be devastating to a business. 
With our friendly and practical dispute resolution team on your side you can achieve a swift and cost-effective result. 

We can assist you from your initial free consultation to achieving a resolution whether by settlement or court proceedings. Our team has experience of claiming and defending a wide range of disputes and enforcement of judgments both in the UK and overseas. We can approach any contentious situation in a practical and cost-effective way so as to achieve the best results while minimising the overall cost to our clients. 

We have good working relationships with experienced barristers, mediators, specialist expert witnesses and private detectives so as to ensure that you have the best possible team on your side to resolve disputes effectively. 

Whether you have a neighbour dispute, a company dispute or a property dispute. We can work with you to bring about a resolution. 

Our Progression Dispute Resolution team has expertise in: 

  • Inheritance Act claims
  • Boundary disputes
  • Property and Land disputes
  • Disputes over goods or services
  • Pollution claims
  • Unpaid debts – both private and commercial
  • Contractual disputes
  • Negligence claims
  • Personal injury
  • Eviction issues
  • Nuisance claims
  • Trust claims
  • Possession claims

And much more.

Please note that this is not a definitive list and that our experts will be able to assist you on the issues raised above and much more. 

For a free initial consultation and to gain expert advice regarding your dispute or litigation issue, call Stephanie Walker on 01229 580956 

Commercial Leases

Here at Progression Solicitors we are able to offer advice and guidance to both business landlords and business tenants on the legally binding contract of commercial leases.

A commercial lease is a legal document drawn up between a landlord of a property or premises, and a business tenant wanting to rent/lease the property for their business purposes. A commercial lease will allow the business tenant to utilise the property or premises for the commercial activity of their business for an agreed period of time, for an agreed amount of money, paid as rent, usually on a monthly basis.  

Though a commercial lease may seem similar to residential leases, there are many factors to consider such as the type of business the tenant wishes to run and the effect this may have on the property or premises (such as any physical alterations to the building layout or required licenses in order for the business to operate). 
Our team of professional experts are able to offer advice and guidance on commercial leases, including but not definitive of: 

  • Leases of shops, offices, warehouses
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Assignment of lease
  • Sub-letting
  • Licence for alterations
  • Deed of variation
  • Surrender of lease

For further information on commercial leases and to arrange a no-obligation appointment with a member of our team, please click to view the contact details of our offices in UlverstonWindermereGrange-over-SandsBarrow-in-Furness and Lancaster.

Commercial and Business

At Progression Solicitors we specialise in all aspects of commercial and business legalities. We offer practical solutions and value for money service, ensuring your business is informed, empowered and never in a position of litigation where a solution cannot be found. 

We can advise you in straight-forward terms on the legal requirements and issues arising out of owning, running, acquiring and selling a business(es). 

Our specialist commercial team offers guidance and advice on all aspects of commercial property transactions. The below list is not definitive but highlights commonly raised processes that our team deal with regularly, including: 

  • Company formations
  • Partnership deeds
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Business acquisitions and sales
  • Leases, renewals and assignments
  • Rent review and forfeiture advice
  • Licenses and consents
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Landlord and tenant issues

If your query is not listed above, give us a call. Our friendly and professional team are fully qualified to discuss anything from starting up a new business to buying or selling a business and/or property/premises.  

Call us today on 01229 580956 or 015394 42255 to arrange a no-obligation appointment, and we can fully discuss your business requirements and discover how Progression Solicitors can help your business.

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