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Practical Solutions and

Practical Solutions and value-for-money service

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Practical Solutions and

Practical Solutions and value-for-money service


A trust is a great way of passing assets to the next generation without necessarily giving the beneficiaries a free hand with those assets until they reach an age at which they are mature enough to manage them.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you are responsible for helping an elderly person with their practical and financial affairs, you need to consider what actual legal authority you have to deal with their finances and assets.

If the arrangements that you have are purely informal you should think about what would happen if the elderly person became incapable of understanding or managing their finances. An elderly person who no longer understands their money and financial affairs must not sign cheques or other legal documents. You may be vulnerable to criticism and investigation if you do not have formal legal authority to do what you do for the elderly person. Being someone’s husband or wife or child does not give you any legal authority over their assets. There is no legal concept of ‘next of kin’.

Anyone can put in place formal arrangements appointing someone to be their attorney. The attorney can be given powers to deal with finances and property or make welfare and personal decisions under a lasting power of attorney. Before October 2007 it was possible to make an enduring power of attorney dealing only with property and finances. If signed before 1st October 2007 these are still legally valid. If you would like advice about either a lasting power of attorney or an existing enduring power of attorney please contact us.

Home Visits

We are happy to visit elderly people at home to help them arrange their wills or powers of attorney.

To arrange a no-obligation appointment with a member of our professional team, please call 01229 580956 or 015394 42255.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

For Private and Commercial Clients

Here at Progression Solicitors we have vast experience of dealing with both simple and complex disputes for both private and commercial clients, and we pride ourselves on managing any litigation procedure with the upmost professionalism and discretion.

Dealing with any dispute, no matter how big or small it may seem, can be a very difficult and distressing time. We understand that every client is an individual and we take the time to fully discuss options, ensuring we work with our clients in a way to suit their needs and that every decision made, is an informed one.

We also understand that every case is different, even when the dispute seems similar to others we have worked with. That’s why it is important to us and our clients, to fully discuss your dispute with you and gain a full understanding of the situation. Through these discussions we can then explore the different options available to you and help you to proceed with action(s) in a fully informed manner to resolve the issue, whether this be in or out of court.

There is no standard way of handling disputes so we treat every case with the individual attention it requires to get it right for our clients.

Our team of solicitors are highly trained, well experienced and fully equipped to offer specialist and expert advice on:

  • Resolution of commercial and personal disputes
  • Debt collection (multiple and individual)
  • Disputes over property ownership
  • Partnership disputes and dissolution
  • Landlord and Tenant Act proceedings for residential and commercial clients
  • Injunctions
  • Contractual disputes
  • Company/commercial disputes
  • Disputes over inheritance and probate actions

If you have a dispute and feel you need our assistance to resolve it quickly and professionally, then please get in touch at one of our branches in Ulverston, Windermere, Grange-over-Sands, Barrow-in-Furness or Lancaster, to see how we can help today.

Divorce and Family

If you have decided to end an unhappy relationship or are having difficulties agreeing an arrangement for your children, we are here to help.  We can assist you from initial consultation to achieving resolution, whether by agreement or with the assistance of the Court.

All our family solicitors are members of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.  Resolution members abide by a code of practice to support clients to resolve matters as constructively and with as little conflict as possible.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced team of family solicitors who have the expertise to advise on the following: –

  • Divorce and financial settlements

  • Separation Agreements

  • Spousal and child maintenance

  • Pension sharing

  • Civil partnership dissolution

  • Disputes over child arrangements (contact, access, residency and custody issues)

  • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

  • Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders

  • Change of Name Deeds

We appreciate that dealing with any of these issues can be an emotional and stressful process and our friendly, efficient and experienced family team will assist you in achieving a swift and cost-effective conclusion.

We offer telephone, MS Teams or face to face appointments.  Discretion and privacy assured.  Contact us for a fixed fee initial consultation or view our guide to the costs involved in family law advice and services.

Contact our family team on 0333 305 7777 

Request a consultation


Wills and Tax Advice

We can advise you in straightforward terms on the potentially complex issues of inheritance, wills and tax advice.

Every person’s circumstances are different meaning that some wills can be simple and other wills may be more complicated, reflecting the complexity of the your personal or financial circumstances. Our expertise will ensure that you have a will that is specifically tailored to suit your individual needs, no matter what your personal circumstances.

We can advise you on the following issues:

  • Choosing the person or persons who will administer your estate
  • Decide how and to whom you will leave your money, property and other assets
  • Consider inheritance tax and how this may or may not affect your estate
  • Make provision for disabled or incapacitated beneficiaries
  • Create trusts for children or for the lifetime of the surviving partner or spouse
  • Appoint guardians for children
  • Make gifts to charities

We can also discuss other related advice with you including:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Contentious Probate and contesting a will
  • Care home fees
  • Elderly client advice

What is the right age to write a will?

Someone who is older will generally feel more inclined to get their future sorted out. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you need to wait until your first grey hairs appear to do this. If you have assets and want peace of mind around what will happen when you have gone, then getting a will is the best way to do this. If you are a homeowner, have children or have assets in the bank, own a small business or own pets, then you might want to put a plan of action in place to protect these in your absence. When thinking about your family and your possessions it should be clear whether or not you are in the right phase of your life to write a will. If you are, then get in touch and let us give you the security you need.

Your Will

If we could choose one reason why we feel it is inherently important to draw up a will, it would be to ensure so far as possible that you prevent a complicated mess from arising after your death. By this, we mean choosing people you trust to deal with the formalities and to inherit your assets. The people you choose to be your executors and trustees will have a significant responsibility in administering your estate and any trusts which arise, including payment of inheritance tax and funeral costs and debts, holding money or assets on trust for others, sorting out your personal belongings and making sure that the beneficiaries receive what they are entitled to.

The importance of choosing where your estate is to go after your death cannot be underestimated and can prevent problems arising for those left behind, both financially and morally.

Fixed Fees

We always charge a fixed fee for wills so that you know the costs from the outset, whether you require a simple or more complex will.

Professional Executors

As a firm we are happy to be appointed as your executors to administer your estate on death. We offer fixed fees for our involvement wherever possible and we will never charge a percentage of the value of your estate; we only charge for the work that we undertake.

If you haven’t thought about appointing a professional executor either alone or alongside your other executors, read this article for information on the advantages of having a regulated professional deal with the administration of your estate.

Free Will Reviews

Free appointments are available if you have an existing will and would like us to review it. We can advise you if it is tax efficient or if changes in the law or family and financial circumstances affect your will.

If you would like more information or to arrange a no-obligation appointment, visit our contact pages to call the office most convenient to you.

Buying and Selling Your Home

Are you currently looking to move house? Upsize, downsize or sell a property you have inherited?

Your home is probably one of the most valuable assets that you will ever own, and we understand the importance of understanding the buying and selling procedure to give you peace of mind and make the transaction as seamless as possible.

Many property transactions are challenging and complex, with what can seem like a never-ending stream of paperwork to confirm and sign – which is a daunting situation. Here at Progression Solicitors we aim to explain the full procedure of your house transaction in the clearest possible terms, using plain English.

Our professional team of experts prides itself upon its proactive and no-nonsense approach to all types of property transactions. So you can be assured, whether you are buying or selling a home, an investment property or a retail unit, that we have the right blend of experience and expertise to ensure that you receive the best, cost effective advice, as well as practical guidance.

We believe in providing a highly personalised service and understand that property ownership, buying and selling can be a stressful and exciting time. We appreciate the practical as well as the legal issues which can challenge first-time buyers, investors and seasoned property professionals alike. Each client is treated with respect no matter what their experience and we ensure that we make your transaction as stress free as possible.

How much will this service cost?

We prefer to be as clear as possible about our costs from the outset. For details of our conveyancing fees whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging, see our Price Transparency section and to discuss any details further please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Call us today on 015394 42255 or 015395 76123 for a free no-obligation conveyancing quote.

Employment – Individuals

Understanding the world of employment rights as an individual can be difficult and confusing. At Progression Solicitors we are pleased to offer a full range of employment advice for employees and individuals, (we also offer advice to businesses, this can be found on our Services for Business page).

As an employee your employer has a responsibility to ensure your safety and well-being, alongside abiding by the law when it comes to how you are treated in a place of work. If you are in a situation where you feel your employer is not treating you fairly or lawfully, you are within your right to seek professional, expert advice from a solicitor. All discussions are confidential and our team of specialists will be able to offer advice and suggest fully informed plans of action, to tackle the issues you are experiencing, quickly and professionally.

We have years of experience when it comes to employment law and will apply this experience to each of our client’s cases, whilst understanding that each case is individual and will need to be fully discussed and investigated before actions are taken. We are able to offer a range of services to discover if you have a case in the following areas:

  • Redundancy
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Contracts of employment
  • Handbooks for employees
  • Discrimination claims
  • Employment tribunal claims
  • Transfer of employees (TUPE)

Please note this is not an exhausted list and we understand that there will be issues some clients are experiencing that fall into several categories.

Where needed we also offer Damages Based Agreements (DBAs) to help you manage legal fees.

If you feel you need advice on any employment law issue, please call us on 01229 580956 to arrange a no-obligation appointment to discuss the issues you are experiencing and see how we can help to resolve these with your employer.

Probate & Estate Administration

We understand that the formalities of dealing with an estate beyond the funeral arrangements can be daunting and sometimes completely overwhelming, which is why our experienced team of professionals will treat your case with sensitivity and compassion throughout.

Our aim is to make the process as efficient and stress-free as it can be, offering as little or as much help as your circumstances require. We offer confidential and experienced advice and guidance, ensuring that our clients are at the forefront of each decision made.

Our services include:-

  • Fixed fee applications for a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration
  • Estate administration from the beginning to the end, including applying for the grant, collecting in the assets, paying the liabilities and distributing to the beneficiaries.
  • Selling property on behalf of executors/personal representatives
  • Advice regarding deeds of variation to alter distributions made from the estate
  • Instructing overseas lawyers to obtain overseas grants of probate
  • Advice on complex estate issues, including insolvency and fraud
  • Advice to those wishing to contest a will
  • Advice to individuals who have not received provision under the will or intestacy of a spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner or parent’s will

How much will it cost?

Wherever possible we will offer you a fixed fee but where we cannot fix the fee, we will provide you with an personalised estimate based on your specific circumstances. We always prefer clients to have as much information as possible about our costs at the outset of the matter. See our Price Transparency section for details about how we charge for acting in probate and estate matters, including examples of our fees.

To speak to an experienced member of our professional team or to organise an appointment to discuss your requirements, please contact one of our offices at Ulverston, Windermere, Grange-over-Sands, Barrow-in-Furness or Lancaster.

Safe Storage of Legal Documents

Are you storing your legal documents in a safe, secure and fire proof environment? We know that when it comes to the law, the loss of important legal documents such as a will or title deeds can be a costly and upsetting situation.

If you have made a will or have title deeds, especially unregistered title deeds, it is very important that they are stored securely. Though you may feel a locked filing cabinet in your home is more than sufficient, in the awful situation of a fire, break in theft or water damage, these documents may be damaged beyond recognition, destroyed or never retrieved if a crime is unsolved.

In cases where title deeds are lost accidentally or cannot be found (especially following the death of a relative), you may have difficulty proving where the boundaries of the property lie, making any dispute or request for planning permission a costly and unpleasant experience. You may also have difficulty proving what your rights are in relation to the property, for example proving ownership.

If your will cannot be found after your death the law will presume that you have destroyed the will because you wished to revoke it. In situations where this is not the case, this can be a very upsetting experience for your family and loved ones, to carry out actions such as your funeral and distribution of your possessions in the way you wished them to be.

At Progression Solicitors we offer secure, safe, fire-proof storage for important documents, which can create a peace of mind for you and your family. We make an annual charge for storage but we make no charges for retrieval of your documents if you need to look at them, unlike many banks and building societies.

Please call us on 01229 580956 to arrange the storage of your documents.

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