Price Transparency

We try to be as clear about our fees as possible, from the beginning.

No matter what your requirements, we will always provide you with details of our services, the professionals involved in providing the services and the likely costs of instructing us to act on your behalf at the outset of a matter. Often, we are even able to offer fixed fees for many of our services.

We have developed guides in some areas of our expertise to advise clients on the likely costs of instructing us:-

  • Conveyancing fees ▾ – A guide to the costs involved in buying, selling or re-mortgaging your home

**23 Sept 22 – Due to the recent announcement by the Chancellor relating to Stamp Duty, the fees in this guide are under review and will be updated as soon as possible**

  • Probate Fees ▾A guide to obtaining probate or dealing with the administration of the estate on your behalf
  • Debt collection fees ▾ –  A guide to costs of recovering debts from creditors on behalf of your business
  • Employment Tribunal Fees ▾A guide to the costs of advising you in relation to an employment tribunal case, whether you are an employee or employer
  • Family Fees ▾A guide to the costs involved in family law advice and services, including general advice, divorce and financial matters

The terms upon which this firm accepts instructions from clients is available in hard copy or electronically, by request.

Contact us to request a copy

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