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Services for Individuals
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Services for Individuals

Safe Storage of Legal Documents

Are you storing your legal documents in a safe, secure and fire proof environment? We know that when it comes to the law, the loss of important legal documents such as a will or title deeds can be a costly and upsetting situation.

If you have made a will or have title deeds, especially unregistered title deeds, it is very important that they are stored securely. Though you may feel a locked filing cabinet in your home is more than sufficient, in the awful situation of a fire, break in theft or water damage, these documents may be damaged beyond recognition, destroyed or never retrieved if a crime is unsolved.

In cases where title deeds are lost accidentally or cannot be found (especially following the death of a relative), you may have difficulty proving where the boundaries of the property lie, making any dispute or request for planning permission a costly and unpleasant experience. You may also have difficulty proving what your rights are in relation to the property, for example proving ownership.

If your will cannot be found after your death the law will presume that you have destroyed the will because you wished to revoke it. In situations where this is not the case, this can be a very upsetting experience for your family and loved ones, to carry out actions such as your funeral and distribution of your possessions in the way you wished them to be.

At Progression Solicitors we offer secure, safe, fire-proof storage for important documents, which can create a peace of mind for you and your family. We make an annual charge for storage but we make no charges for retrieval of your documents if you need to look at them, unlike many banks and building societies.

Please call us on 01229 580956 to arrange the storage of your documents.

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